Organic Better Than Sugar 500g
Organic Better Than Sugar 500gOrganic Better Than Sugar 500gOrganic Better Than Sugar 500g

The net weight of this product is 500g.
Panela is unrefined, unbleached, whole cane sugar. It is the unaltered form of sugar also known as jaggery, gur, and gudd. It is obtained from the evaporation of sugar cane juice and posterior crystallization of sucrose.


āœ” šŒš¢š§šžš«ššš„ š‘š¢šœš”: Panela, the jaggery is 100% natal sugar with all natural minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. It is nutritionally rich organic sugar that can be consumed as a perfect alternative to processed sugar.

Ā āœ” šššš§šžš„šš šØšÆšžš« š’š®š ššš«: Panela is organic brown sugar that is 100% unrefined. It contains no chemicals or additives which makes it safe to consume. Therefore, panela is considered to be a better choice as compared to sugar.

Ā āœ” šŒš®š„š­š¢-š©š®š«š©šØš¬šž: Just like consuming sugar, panela, organic sugar can be used in tea, coffee, and all other desserts. It contains 1537 KJ of energy per 100 grams and 1g of fats (0g saturated). Jaggery does not contain protein or fiber.

    Health Benefits

    • 100% Natural
    • 100% Unrefined
    • Mineral Rich
    • Use in Hot Drinks
    • Use in Cooking
    • Use in Baking

    How to Use

    • Simply add a spoon full in your hot drink, cooking or baking as needed.

    Nutrition information

    Typical Valueper 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal1,537/362
    Fat, g0
    Saturates, g0
    Carbohydrates, g90.4
    Sugars, g90.4
    Fibre, g0
    Protein, g0
    Salt, g0


    Unrefined Whole Organic Cane Juice

    Allergen Advice

    No Allergens


    Potassium 456.8mg (22.28% VRN)VRN: Nutrient Reference Values Source of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium